Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to develop long-term partnership with our customers, providing high-quality products that meets all customers' needs and requirements.

We have a professional staff, production and technical resources that allows us to offer a wide range of finished products and to be flexible in different birch plywood product producing.

Reduced Costs

Based on smaller low-quality volume of production, lower reprocessing volume, process rationalization and lower level of errors.


Increased trust and cooperation from customers and third parties.

Improved Efficiency

Improved work efficiency. Continuous and effective process improvement, saving time and costs while improving quality.


ISO 9001

The Quality Management System Certificate of compliance ISO 9001 requirements to the company's administration. Customer can be sure that he is receiving products and services of high quality in defined time.

ISO 14001

The Conformity certificate for the compliance of environmental management system to ISO 14001 requirements. It's a confirmation to our customers and partners that we are working on reducing our product manufacturing process effect on the environment.

ISO 50001

Out of concern for the environmental impact of the production processes, a sustainable business and resource saving, “Troja” introduced and certified an energy management system in 2020, based on the ISO 50001:2018 standard.


PEFC chain of custody sertificate No.: EQ-PEFC-COC-C2 confirms that all wood products - from roundwood and wood processing finished products, used in manufacturing comes from certified forests


All wood products used in furniture manufacturing are obtained in FSC® certified forests or from controlled sources. All products can be purchased as FSC® certified. License Code : FSC-C005241.

Zaļā Josta

The eco sign Zaļā josta certifies that Troja SIA is environmentally friendly company